Welcome to Plumbers Wholesale Supply! We have been supplying contractors and homeowners with all of their plumbing supply needs since 1948. Due to our large inventory and long time partnership with vendors, Plumbers Wholesale is perfectly capable of supplying large contracted jobs as well helping homeowners with regular household needs.

We specialize in helping contractors and home builders find the perfect accessories for their kitchens and bathrooms. Come check out our showroom and let us help you design your dream home. Scroll through our product inventory and you can find all of the brands that we stock or can order.

Plumbers Wholesale is also a perfect solution to regular household plumbing needs. Come by and see us at 2100 Forrest Ave in Gadsden, Alabama for any plumbing needs or inquiries. Thank you for visiting plumberswholesalesupply.net and feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions!

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