Gas Logs


When it’s cold outside, everyone likes to sit inside next to a cozy, warm fire. And there are so many benefits to having a gas log fireplace. Consider the following…

Gas logs are very affordable. Plumbers Wholesale carries many different types of logs, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you find the ones that are right for your budget.

Gas logs also offer remote control options that makes the warmth and benefits of a gas fire available at the touch of a button. These remote controls can turn the gas logs on and off, but they can also adjust the size of the flame, as well. There are many different types of remotes that offer various functions. Our staff can help walk you through which one works best with your gas logs and your needs.

Maintenance on gas logs is simple and easy. Gas logs do not require day-to-day maintenance. Simply have your logs checked annually to make sure they are operating properly to ensure safety and ease of use.

There are multiple size options on gas logs. Big fireplace? No problem! Small fireplace! We’ve got you covered! No matter what size you need for the depth and width of your fireplace, we can help you find the gas logs that are perfect for your space.

Gas logs offer instant heat. As soon as they are lit your logs will begin to emit heat and warm up your space. We also offer gas logs in both propane and natural gas options.

Finally, at Plumbers Wholesale, we offer warranties on our logs and our burners. We have a full showroom display of gas logs so that you can see and touch the different types of logs before your buy. Our staff is very knowledgeable in gas logs, and we are happy to answer your questions and help you decide which options are best for you.

The warmth and comfort of a fire can be yours along with the ease and affordability of gas logs, and the Plumbers Wholesale staff would love to help make your home a warmer, more cozy place this winter. Come by our showroom today to see the great gas logs that Plumbers Wholesale has to offer!